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The Habit Hole

Everyone has #goals to achieve, whether it be getting the ultimate physique, improving health, or gaining strength, whatever it is, there are always #challenges in front of us. Many of these challenges come in the form of what I call the Habit Hole.

Once you know what your goal is, the first step to take is making a plan to get to that place. However, focusing solely on getting to the goal could lead you to fall back down the habit hole very quickly.

So what is the Habit Hole?

The habit hole involves any habit that has been stopping you from reaching your goals, and it usually is very addictive. It could be binge watching Netflix shows, or nights out in the pub or even a simple habit of skipping breakfast in the morning. Without taking on these habits first, i'm sure you would quickly get right back to where you started.

Lets take for example you plan to wake up every weekday morning and complete a workout, which you manage to do on the first day. Thinking ahead, you see yourself getting ripped quick so long as you do it every morning. Now fast forward to the evening. You put the telly on and watch four 1hr long episodes of the walking dead, and you end up staying awake late into the night. What happens next is you wake up too late the next morning to catch a workout so you skip a day, breaking your momentum and in all likelihood, you would repeat the same thing again in the night.

Another major bad habit is smoking. Just like the above example, lets say you plan a light jog in the morning to warm up for you workouts. You manage to get this done on your first day, and once again you fast forward to the evening and at the time you should be going to sleep to be ready and alert for the next mornings workout, you decide to have a smoke because its usually the time you have one. You still try to go to sleep, but the nicotine rush keeps you up longer than expected and you wake up late, missing your next workout.

The habit hole applies to any bad habit, evening spending. Imagine budgeting for your next months meal preps and supplements, but you spend it all before the month even comes round, how would you fuel yourself?

So what i'm getting at is that if you are stuck in a habit hole, you need to put as much focus on these habits as you do on your program. Now i'm not a qualified psychology professional to be telling you how you should tackle your bad habits, but I just imagine that each time you take a step towards getting out of the hole, find a way to #anchor yourself in that position so you don't fall back down. I'm sure there's plenty of information out there to help you out, but the first step would be to #acknowledge the things that are actually bad habits in your life which are stopping you from reaching your goals and focus on eliminating them.

I hope you liked this post.

"Strength of mind is exercise" - Alexander Pope

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